At Korinthian Palace we have the experience and knowledge to organize together a unique wedding reception in Korinthos, just as you have dreamed of it, in an environment that will win impressions. In addition, Korinthian Palace Catering is a top catering choice for social events at partner estates by the sea, at event venues in Korinthos and elsewhere.


Wedding preparation requires great food, personal service, unpretentious elegance, iconic dishes with top raw materials from award-winning producers, which Korinthian Palace and its Chefs can guarantee. In the kitchen, our staff creates flavors of guaranteed quality and fine ingredients inspired by the best kitchens around the world. So with gastronomy and unparalleled aesthetics and quality always at the center, all you have to do is tell us your wishes and we take care of you.


Korinthian Palace offers ideal event spaces and the right staff so that your wedding day will be remembered forever, giving an unforgettable experience to your family and guests.

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