Korinthian Palace Catering A.E. is a leading company in the field of catering services, with long experience, in absolute safety conditions. With high technical know-how as well as an organized network of partners & infrastructure, we cover the needs of production and distribution of meals throughout Greece. In addition, we have expanded the scope of our services to holistically serve the organizations and businesses that choose us, providing them with raw materials and other useful consumables.

Our services in detail:



The most precious moments in life are unrepeatable and that is why they deserve the best environment, in ideal conditions.

At Korinthian Palace Catering SA we have perfectly trained staff, valuable experience, excellent equipment and certified operating systems. Thus, we provide complete catering solutions and are able to ensure the success of every personal moment and reception that you entrust to us. Our indoor and outdoor banquet facilities are located just ten minutes from Korinthos city center providing excellent conditions for immediate and safe transportation for you and your guests.


With a wide range of menus and taste suggestions, we plan for you and your guests a wonderful culinary experience, worthy of your expectations. Our impeccable service, high aesthetics, our specialized partners and chefs will allow you to enjoy the result and create the sweetest memories with your loved ones.


With a remarkable course of evolution and development from its foundation until today, Korinthian Palace Catering has established itself as a leading company in Greece in the field of food production, catering and distribution.

Through a series of extensive food production services, it stands out for its high standards in a completely safe and organized environment. Having privately owned, certified trucks with a special license to transport meals and related equipment, it simultaneously meets the requirements of mass catering, while providing delightful taste.


We provide:
  • Capability of meeting needs for 30,000 hot meals and 10,000 cold meals daily
  • Excellent quality fresh raw materials
  • High quality manufacturing conditions, with integrated vertical production in our specially designed facilities and certified equipment
  • Portioning – standardization of meals to feed large units
  • Collaboration with specialized nutritionists to ensure special menus for vulnerable groups (diabetic, hypertensive, allergic menus), both for the needs of the public in Hospitals, as well as for young children in Kindergartens and Schools
  • Preservation of meals in professional storage-freezer refrigerators
  • Transport and distribution with privately owned trucks and refrigerated trucks in suitable thermo-boxes, so that they are kept at the right temperature


Korinthian Palace Catering A.E. with its central production unit in Solomos, Korinthia, where all the company’s departments operate, covers daily food needs by preparing and distributing packaged meals. Additionally we cover our customers’ needs for raw materials by providing cleaning products, detergents, stationery and consumables to:

  • Hospital Units, with the operation of Canteens – Restaurants
  • Military Units
  • Immigration Detention Centers
  • Kindergartens
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Universities
  • Public organizations
  • Vulnerable groups through special support programs at Municipal level


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