417 Army Equity Fund Hospital  (NIMTS) | HIGH END LUXURY SPACE

At the NIMTS Hospital, Korinthian Palace SA has created a restaurant-café which focuses on meeting the dietary requirements for visitors and hospitalized patients.

“The difference compared most hospital canteens lies in this very point: we treat staff, visitors and patients with the same sense of responsibility, always putting people at the center of our business philosophy. In this context, we offer products for people with specific needs: diabetics, cortisone-treated, hypertensives, and people with gluten intolerance, all under strict hygienic standards,” notes Korinthian Palace Catering A.E. owner Ilias Kakogiannis.


 “Our first concern was that the restaurant should have a warm character, so that it can offer some moments of relaxation to those who visit it. That is why industrial design and intense colors dominate, simple decorative lines and wooden surfaces, with modern, comfortable furniture and an alternation between lighted and shaded areas, so that there are spaces of privacy. We also used the outside space to develop a small outdoor seating area”, emphasizes Andreas Lykouras, managing director of the company D. Drakoulakis ABETE, which undertook the design, construction and equipment of the restaurant. “However, the real challenge had to do with the display cases, workstations and food preparation areas, due to the abundance but also the specificity of many codes. The solution was provided with the state-of-the-art showcases of the D. Drakoulakis company, the appropriate layout of which allows all visitors to the store to see the rich range of products at first glance. In addition, the storage conditions meet the highest standards so that they can be consumed by vulnerable groups.”



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