At KORINTHIAN PALACE CATERING we believe that the working environment should have an emphasis on people, providing equal opportunities and encouraging the development of employees with safety.


The training of our people in procedures related to Health and Safety in the workplace goes beyond the scope of our formal duties and legislation. Through the development of the employees, we hope that our business will contribute to the improvement of the economic and social development of Korinthos, but also in the other regions where we operate.

It is worth noting that the majority of our company’s employees are women, both in the production process and in positions of responsibility.




The operation and activity of KORINTHIAN  PALACE CATERING is in line with the values and concept of “corporate citizenship”.  Thus, we seek to prevent and contribute to the solution of problems concerning Korinthos and the wider region of Korinthia.”

In this context, we are always at the disposal of the agencies and representatives of the local society to contribute positively to any common goal.



KORINTHIAN  PALACE CATERING works with a large number of local producers and suppliers in order to strengthen the local economy and empower the local community.

  • ``Agapis Charisma``

    Corporate Social Responsibility program with the local community as a pillar

  • Thank you letters

    A reminder of the power of love but also of the potential of modern businesses to make the world a better place.



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