With a remarkable course of evolution and development from its foundation until today, Korinthian Palace Catering has established itself as a leading company in Greece in the field of food production and distribution.

Through a series of comprehensive food preparation services provided, it stands out for its high standards, in a completely safe and organized environment. Having privately owned, certified trucks with a special license to transport portions of meals and corresponding equipment, it simultaneously meets the requirements of mass catering, offering tasty delights.


  • Ability to meet catering requirements for  30,000 hot meals and 10,000 cold meals per day
  • Excellent quality fresh raw materials
  • High quality manufacturing conditions, with vertically integrated production in our specially designed facilities and certified equipment
  • Portioning – standardization of meals to support large units
  • Collaboration with specialized nutritionists to ensure special menus for groups with specific needs (diabetic, hypertensive, allergic), in Hospitals, Kindergarten and Schools.
  • Preservation of meals in professional storage-freezer refrigerators
  • Transport and distribution with privately owned trucks and refrigerated trucks in suitable thermo boxes, so that they are kept fresh, at the right temperature.


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